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Please note that, for privacy, ID-specific information has been deleted from the pages and documents on this site. Original documentation is available by request. 


안녕하세요!  (Hello!)

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As you'll see in the documents, videos, and links that make up this "online portfolio," I've enjoyed an exciting and diversified career in education.  I've taught people of all ages--from tiny, wide-eyed kindergarten kids to matureClick to enlarge (image slightly altered to protect privacy) adults--and with all levels of motivation and ability.

By far, my best experience has been the unforgettable pleasure of living and teaching ESL in South Korea for nearly three years!  Not only did I learn a lot about Asian society and culture--plus eat lots of delicious Korean food--but I also had the ultimate joy of meeting the wonderful Korean lady who is now my wife!  We met in Seoul (near Yonsei University) and have been living in Canada for the past four years. The two following links provide access to our "celebrate Korea" websites and a quick glimpse at our personal lives.. 

CanadaCorea VideosCanadaCorea Videos

A collection of amateur videos that capture various aspects of life in Korea.

SeoulCanadian, Eh

SeoulCanadian, Eh

Pictures & anecdotes about a Canadian's experience of living & teaching in Seoul.

For more than six years prior to Korea, I served in Alberta's public school system as a Senior English and Special Education Teacher, adult education instructor, special needs support worker, and information technology consultant.  I've worked with students who come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a diversity of academic interests and abilities.


In addition to education, I have several other interests, including acting and traditional Korean music...



For a closer look at my professional background, this site provides pages that display academic transcripts and
awards, recommendation letters, job performance evaluations, and, of course, a resume.  If you have any questions that are not covered on this site, please feel free to email me.  Thank you for taking time to visit! 

Please note that, in order to maintain privacy in this era of ID theft, all specific personal information has been deleted from this site.  I apologize for any inconvenience and stand ready to immediately provide details and original documentation upon written request.  

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