Ed Tech. Opens More Doors for Students with Virtual Office Hours, Virtual Workshops, and Interactive Videos

There are some exciting new developments coming in the Spring 2013 semester. I will be teaching a new course called English Writing with Multimedia, providing more virtual office hours so students can reach me without coming to the office, and offering students three virtual workshops to help them with their biggest writing and presentation challenges. The multimedia writing course has already been approved by my department, while the virtual office and virtual workshops are part of my own "pilot project," based on some promising research and successful trial-runs through some of last semester.

Furthermore, as the following "quiz video" demonstrates, it is now possible to engage student interest with online videos that are truly interactive. This is the first interactive "quiz video" that my students will see at the beginning of the Spring semester. It's almost 12 minutes long, but if you watch it and get immediate feedback about scoring 100% on the the quiz, I think you'll agree that the investment of 12 minutes of time is not a bad one.


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