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Welcome to CANADACOREA VIDEOS.  My name is Gary and I'm a Canadian who loves South Korea!  While living in that beautiful country for almost three years, I was able to get a camcorder and do a bit of video taping and editing.  I compiled a video collection of various aspects of life in that awesome country.  Now, as time and resources permit, I am sharing a few excerpts of that collection through this site.  

If you are a professional who is giving serious thought to the idea of living in Korea, then the clips you see here will at least give you a glimpse into one of the richest, most vibrant, and fabulously diverse cultures in Asia.  Compared to her famous counterparts, China and Japan, South Korea is still somewhat unfamiliar and enigmatic to most North Americans.  It is my sincere hope that the glimpses provided here--and on my Seoul Canadian, eh site--will promote greater insight and understanding among Asian and Western cultures.

Clips on this site are in Windows Media Player 9 format.  Some are high bandwidth and some are low. Some of them are nicely put together (after I learned some basic editing), while others are decidedly more amateurish.  A few will be exciting and interesting to you, but others may be boring.  Oh well... No matter what, the single most important fact remains that all are free of charge!!!  Happy viewing!! And I hope you'll learn just a little more about "The Land of Morning Calm," South Korea. 

First, here are a few clips from our travels in and around Seoul: 



TOKEBI: Mischievous Spirits
Chongdong Theatre, downtown Seoul

Traditional drums played in non-traditional performances by Korean goblins.  This renowned show has traveled all over the world.

Traditional Korean Music
Chongdong Theatre, downtown Seoul

This shows various kinds of dances and musical productions, done in the traditional way, as children are still taught in many families.

Korean Folk Village
Near Suwon, in Seoul

Our winter trip to the Korean Folk Village, where lifelong Korean traditions are preserved and lived out in the midst of millions of annual visitors.

2003 World lower Exhibition
Goyang City, Ilsan

Beautiful flowers, exotic plants, free entertainment, and lots of people, as experienced at Lake Park, Ilsan.  This one is long!  Its running time 32:41.  (Edited with Pinnacle Studio 8)
Korean TV Highlights
KBS, MBC, SBS, etc.
Korean music videos, commercials, and live performances from Hi Seoul! and other great events.  This one is even longer!!  Its running time is just over an hour.  (Edited with Pinnacle Studio 8)
Construction in Korea
from Hwajung in beautiful Gyeonggi-do, 
Buildings in Korea pop up & down faster than prairie gophers in Sunny Alberta!  Some structures go up within 2 months and come down just 10 months later.  This makes for construction everywhere!
Here are more Windows Moviemaker clips.  These star some fantastic Korean students (all ages):



Just the Kids!
POLYSchool, Hwajung, Ilsan, Korea
This is a montage of some fantastic Korean students.  (excerpted from my video resume)

POLY Prep & Preliminaries
Halloween 2002

Teachers and students preparing for class on October 30, 2002. Halloween has only token recognition in Korea and the only kids who really "get into it" are the ones who attend schools like this one.

Kindergarten Fun and Music

This flick is comprised of a few clips of us goofing off in the EKC1 (kindergarten) class and listening to Steve and Julia play the violin. 
Outstanding Grade 2 ESL Students This is one of the nicest groups of kids I've ever met!  They were such a treat to teach!

Kindergarten Kids Introduce Themselves

A round-the-table introduction to the amazing kindergarten kids at POLYSchool, Hwajung.  

Kindergarten Kids
Halloween 2002

Some awesome kindergarten kids before class on October 30 & 31, 2002.

Grade 2  Kids on Camera 

These are some SUPER (and occasionally shy) kids from a couple of my ESL 2 classes.