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Hi, I'm Gary.  Welcome to SeoulCanadian, Eh!

CLICK to see uncropped versionSince coming to Asia nearly three years ago, I've had the privilege of teaching English to Korean students and can only say that, without doubt, this has been the most amazing, educational and wonderful career move of my life!  Korean people are incredibly friendly; Korean culture is profoundly edifying; and Korean food is tantalizingly delicious! 

I have learned loads about both Korea and myself. And it's the kind of learning that books alone simply cannot provide. Besides all the personal and professional growth, my experience here has been made even more fantastic by the fact that I have met a lovely Korean lady named Kyung Hye.

Kyung Hye...
CLICK! to view FULL SIZE, then use your BACK button to get back to this page.Her name is pronounced "kyung hay" and she is not only very beautiful, but she is also intelligent, witty, sophisticated, and interested in many of the same things as me: national and international politics, other cultures, psychology, languages, philosophy, and music, to name a few. Since becoming such a vital part of my life, Kyung Hye has been instrumental in helping me to learn more about Korean customs, food, language, culture, and history. And, best of all, on July 5, 2003, Kyung Hye and I became husband and wife. 

Some Korean Background Info....
The abundance of natural and historical landmarks in this "Land of the Morning Calm" is utterly incomparable! You'll see ample proof of that in the sampling of photos that are included on this site.

CLICK! to see this FULL-SIZE
As shown on the map, South Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula in eastern Asia and surrounded by North Korea, Japan, China, and Russia, among other Asian nations. The climate is significantly warmer than in Canada; however, temperatures can occasionally dip to as low as -20 degrees Celsius in winter. During  summer, the high humidity, monsoon rains, and average temperature of 36 degrees make it highly advisable to exercise indoors, in air-conditioned gymnasiums.  One of Korea's most popular national sports is Taekwondo; however golf, mountain climbing, soccer, baseball, road hockey, & snowboarding are also very big here!

CLICK! to see this FULL-SIZEThe national flower of Korea is the Mugunghwa (mugung = "immortality", hwa = "flower") and, because of its incredible longevity (from June to October, all across the peninsula), Koreans revere it as one of their most important national symbols. The Mugunghwa is also known as the "Rose of Sharon."

The Korean flag is called Taegeukgi. Its design symbolizes the principles of Yin and Yang in Oriental philosophy. The circle in the center of the flag is divided into two equal parts. The upper red section represents the positive cosmic forces of Yang, while the lower blue section represents the negative cosmic forces of Yin. The circle is surrounded by four trigrams, one in each corner. Each trigram symbolizes one of the four universal elements: heaven, earth, fire and water.

More interesting facts about the Republic of South Korea are posted
on my More about Korea page and at some other excellent websites.


Last updated on September 18, 2003
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